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How to Choose Your Print Size

 Solving the Size Question

You’ve found the perfect print, and now you’re faced with the inevitable question, “What is the best size?” There are some key pointers we’ll delve into that will help you determine the finest results.

First, consider the wall space that you’ll be working with. What is your creative vision? Are you desiring to design a gallery-inspired wall of images, or have a stand alone framed print shine in its own beauty?

Next, let’s break down our frame and print size offerings to help you understand our selection better.

Print Only Sizes

8x10, 11x14, 16x24, 24x36, 36x54, 40x60

Framed Prints with a Mat

(*Please note the final frame size is larger than the print size to account for a white mat around your print and the frame face.)

Frame and print sizes for Hawaii Fine Art Prints from sea light print shop

Full Bleed Framed Prints (no Mat)

(*Please note that the final frame size is just slightly larger then the print size because the print is full bleed, which means it goes all the way to the edge of the frame, with no white mat.)

Print and frame sizes offered by Sea Light Print Shop on Kauai for your framed fine art landscape photography needs.

Gallery Wall vs. Statement Pieces

Now that you are familiar with our size offerings, let’s consider your options for creating either a series of framed prints together, or one large stand alone statement piece.

A gallery wall (achieved by hanging a group of photos together) creates a focal point in your home, whether above beds, in sparse hallways, or even in living rooms—it is a series that tells a story and sets the mood of a space. Select pictures that have a common theme, feel, or tone to create a cohesive collection. You may also want to avoid pairing images with strong compositional elements, like horizon lines or artwork filled with an abundance of detail. We love a series that allows the eye to flow, so think of negative space throughout to create breathing room that moves through your series.

Buy fine art prints of Kauai Hawaii from Sea Light Print Shop, local artisans.
Recently, we’re loving the design trend and aesthetic of large-scale prints. When you have a room that could use an artistic boost, over-sized images make a distinctive visual impression that will transform the space. Hung in dining rooms, hallways, foyers, or above sofas and beds, a scenic seascape will benefit any area with a big, spacious section of open wall.

With our vast selection of print sizes, we’ll be sure to find you the ideal dimensions to suit any selected space. From small to grandiose, and stand alone to gallery wall options, our shop provides for a myriad of creative tastes. Contact us at: for further inquiries.


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