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How to Choose the Best Frame

Solving the Frame Question

We understand that selecting the right frame can be a challenge, so here we’ll provide some valuable insight to help you discover your best match. Featuring the ideal frame is a significant factor in determining the visual impact of the artwork itself, and will give your print the perfect backdrop within your home setting. The art of frame selection is an exciting discovery on its own, and there are multiple possibilities to achieve your design goals as a whole. Let's look at the elements that will create the best frame for you.

Our Frames - Timeless & Versatile

Our classic gallery frames are designed with creative ease to fulfill a wide range of décor needs. The clean, contemporary feel is at home in any room, and its timeless appeal promises versatility even as your interior environment transforms. White, black, or natural wood color frame options, paired with a white mat background or full bleed print, further ensures that your print will adapt to decoration changes over time.

help choosing the best frame for your home

Print Placement - Where will your print be hung?

When considering the color selection of your gallery frame, it's important to evaluate the goals you have for its placement in the chosen surroundings. We are inspired by art that creates a special feeling in the space—it has soul, depth, love, and makes an impression. What do you want yours to achieve? Is your image oriented towards a soothing, serene, and dreamy atmosphere, or is it a bold, daring statement piece?

Size - What size do you want?

Now that you’ve decided where your print will be hung, choosing the proper size of your artwork is the next logical step. Is your image a part of a larger gallery wall series, or is it a meaningful stand alone image with its own impact? Small-scale or grand, all sizes make their own unique impression. Determining these factors will set the tone for your desired sizing and more.

Color - What color best compliments the print? Your decor?

When aiming for a calm, clean feel, the white frames are a nice complement, while a strong and dramatic mood thrives in black. Warmth and neutrality are highlighted with the natural wood gallery frame that exudes an organic, even-tone versatile to many shades. These questions will help you understand and determine if the white, black, or natural wood color option is superior for you.

Mat or No Mat?  - Bold & Modern or Fine Art & Classic

When deciding whether to pair your image(s) with a mat or not, decide on the overall feel you would like to achieve. Full-bleed prints (the no mat option) create a strong and modern feel, with the print going all the way to the edge of the frame. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a softer feel, adding a mat creates visual space for the eyes to breathe with classy gallery-inspired fine art feel.  

how to choose the best frame for my wall? A guide to choosing wall art for your home.

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