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How to Choose Your Frame Color

Solving the Color Question

When selecting the color of your frame there are a few things to consider that will make the most of its presence in any home. Our white, black, and natural wood gallery frames are designed to highlight the visual impact of the print, and keeping simplicity at the forefront of your decision-making will create the best results. 

 First, think about complimenting the colors found in the artwork itself with the exterior frame. As a general rule, it’s ideal to select a color that won’t overwhelm your scenic print image. In addition, considering your overall interior palette and room décor is very important, and the more modest the frame is, the greater versatility it has to adapt to your color scheme. Generally speaking, simplicity always wins. 

 Let’s take a look at your print and find the best frame color for you.

White Frames 

If your image is bright, airy and expansive, a white frame will be its best counterpart—keeping the theme open, fresh, and light. Always a classic choice, white frames also naturally complement monochromatic artwork, while enhancing brightly colored pieces in a new light.

It's clean, bright, and always a classic. Matte white perfectly complements monochromatic artworks and makes brightly colored pieces stand out in a new way. 


Black Frames 

A timeless and versatile favorite, a black frame looks great in almost any room. If there are deep, dark undertones in your print, a bold black frame is its best suitor to feature dimension and effect. 


Natural Frames 

Still seeking the perfect color match? Our natural wood gallery frame has a neutral, even tone that gives warmth and an organic feel to palettes across the spectrum. It beautifully complements decor with earthy tones, and brings an undeniably organic spirit to your room.


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